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Dakota Dove 1

Dakota Dove 3

Dakota Dove 2

Welcome to my world – of memories I want to keep close to me, even on a grey day with heavy drizzle. I found the old tiled-playground in Dakota Crescent, and I spent some moments just recollecting what it was like to be yesterday; to have the only worries of “did you study for tomorrow’s test?” or even “maybe I should have asked for a little bit more pocket money from my parents..”.

So yesterday, I began my momentous 2014 with a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy. What’s that? Basically, I went for a colonography last September just to be safe, and they incidentally found an unknown mass in my left ovary. Well, silver lining, I’d say?

The dermoid cyst was 10.5cm, or so, my groggy brain tried to recall, and I spent the whole of yesterday preparing for an early-morning operation, breathing in funny tasting anaesthetic gas, and waking up past noon wondering if my head was going to fall off every time I looked around. We always take health for granted, in fact, everything for granted, till we come close to losing it.

Be safe, be healthy everyone. I’m taking these couple of weeks to rest and just be quiet.


  1. oh noooo, i hope you are well recovered from your op now! do rest well.

    my world is also filled with memories that i want to keep close to me, and sometimes i desperately cling onto them. i’d love to go around to all the stone playgrounds to take photos of them 🙂

  2. thanks jolene 🙂 these playgrounds and our memories keep us going to make a better future for our children (ok, if no children, just the future!!) 😀

  3. wow that sounds major, hope you’re feeling loads better now! also, i really, really like that last photo.

  4. meds

    January 25, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    getting better every day 🙂 thanks Trixia!

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