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Shenton Way

Shenton Way brings back memories of waiting for my dad to finish work, of the visits to his office where I’ve got the hazy memories of stacks of papers and files taller than me, of his colleagues who all looked alike to the then-small girl. Maybe it was just part of growing up, but I had a phase when I thought I’d like to work in Shenton Way too, be part of the office crowd because it seemed like a natural progression.

Today’s Shenton Way hasn’t changed from 20 years ago, besides the extension of reclaimed land near Marina Bay. Worker bee representatives walking as fast as their tired legs can carry them, to and fro work, nary a smile breaking their monotonous looks as their heads bend towards their mobile devices in silent prayer.

Work really is a necessity, in order to put money on the table. But let’s not forget to look up, shall we? Let’s also try to visit Shenton Way on a weekend, where the crowds exited from the usual weekday scene, and you get the quiet scene of the above on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


  1. Govt knows the dilemma faced by the young in settnig up homes, and have difficulty buying their first homes.But they dun dare to act because they have pushed themselves into a very tight corner, they could only resort to stop gaps here and there to try to contain property prices.Crashing the market could cost them to lose the 2016 Election, and collapse of the FIs who provide mortgage loans to a large percentage of foreign and PR purchasers.All foreigners get to do is pack their bags and run, dumping homes for banks to foreclose.It’s a nightmarish scenario for both the Govt and the Banks, the latter the core of Singapore’s Financial Centre. We have seen foreigners forsaking properties in Dubai, and the demise of Banks in Ireland due to property collapse, dun say won’t happen to Singapore.SDP’s proposal of a special HDB enclave for citizens to own flats is done in good faith, but people, both citizens and PRs, who bought flats recently at peak prices would be howling in protests. Our leaders have really trussed themselves up like stringed up crabs in the wet market, can’t move.

  2. Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of people.

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