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of living in the prescribed lines

Don’t you think we often stand inside the prescribed box and fail to take the time to look around us? Where we blame society for closing in on us and giving little options but the ones in front of us? Maybe we ought to take a step back. Or two. Or three. Hopefully, with that minute breather, things make more sense.


  1. Thanks Ex-con, for the finer detailsabout saginvs for retirement.Yes, factor in the inflation.With investments in shares that pays dividends ( at least 500K worth of shares, with half of them paying dividends )and if possible, another property ( not the home you are living ) to provide rental income.Property is another asset class that will move in tandem with inflation, and so will the value of shares.The reality, is that perhaps only 20% of the people have the capability to achieve this.. most will see their profits and quickly sell it off and spend it all on abalone soup and a lambourghini.I am a believer of long term holdings.. more than 25 years. Of course, I monitor them and adjust the mix, type and quantity.. buying enough to sell and keep the balance.. where the gains are large enough to pay for the entire holdings.. henceforth, the shares are held completely free of charge and dividend is actually pocket money.Just my personal views.

  2. I think you’ve just captured the answer perfectly

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