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of drawing my next step

3FE in Dublin

Hello September. You didn’t expect me to be growing up from a heartache that we never saw coming, did you?

I’m glad that it left me stronger even as I was torn up for a good few months, and I found my love for doodling again. These days, I’d bring a little booklet out and try to capture the moments even as I tell myself “put that handphone aside, and be with the people who choose to be with you, right now”. We have our bad habits that we need to curb.

My next step begins after London and Dublin. We all need to keep moving.

The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell

Coppa Dublin

of 2011’s promise

All the old words revised to make new meaning. Every morning’s sun gives more promise. We’ll wander till we find where we belong.

Hello, 2011.