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of my love for walking


You never know the potential inside you, till you max it out with trial and error. I never knew I enjoyed giving walking tours, till I realised in late-March this year that “hey, I love interacting with people, I love sharing, why not share more?”


So began Jalan Medha, and I should pen down what I’ve done before the funny memories get hazy:

  • Chinatown, 5 Jul: First walk with 7 friends on a Sunday where many shops were closed and we bought lots of childhood snacks.
  • Balestier, 1 Aug: 15 friends (and friends-of) on a Saturday, where I realised my throat needed to train itself to last longer than 2 hours. The owners of the coffee beans shop and optical shop were so lovely.
  • Jalan Besar, 29 Aug: 12 participants where we walked through hot weather viewing beautiful and ignored architecture .
  • Little India/Rochor, 10 Oct: More of a lunch walk with a group of 7 friends (with international representation).
  • Joo Chiat, 25 Oct: Headed back to where it all started, with 10 participants, my own route and a new beginning.
  • Keong Saik/Everton, 14 Nov: Finding new gems with 10 participants, even when I thought I already knew the area very well.

Looks like I’m on to something that I truly love. I hope you find what you love soon!



of drawing my next step

3FE in Dublin

Hello September. You didn’t expect me to be growing up from a heartache that we never saw coming, did you?

I’m glad that it left me stronger even as I was torn up for a good few months, and I found my love for doodling again. These days, I’d bring a little booklet out and try to capture the moments even as I tell myself “put that handphone aside, and be with the people who choose to be with you, right now”. We have our bad habits that we need to curb.

My next step begins after London and Dublin. We all need to keep moving.

The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell

Coppa Dublin

of personal choices

I choose to trust, than question

I choose to smile, than cry
though I will cry – just not in front of anyone

I choose to cook up a storm

I rather spend time next to you,
even as you busy yourself with that familiar frown for work

I prefer the harsh truth

I choose to travel and learn more about myself

I will not drink more than a third of my glass of water, while eating

I rather get things over and done with,
than wonder about the “what if?”

I choose to be the girl you know and love

of being with(out) you

Bondi 2014

I turn back and look at you because I want to see your joy as you see mine. I turn back to tell you, did you notice the brilliant blue skies? Are you feeling the scorching heat of the sun that deceives our skin, because there is also the unrelenting wind that blows our hair askew? I turn back and wish you could see all that I see. I want to turn back time just a little, just a bit for you.

of Singapore.010

“Uncle, one teh-c siu dai (lit. tea with evaporated milk, less sweet).”

“Uncle, chio leh (try to smile), she taking photo of you.”

Uncle only smiles after the cup of tea is prepared, clinking it onto the slightly wet saucer.

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